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Canadian Ski Annual Season 1925 & 1926

Cover - Front Cover and Advertising Section
Pg 10 - A British Championship Course, photo by Gyger
Pg 11 - Canadian Amateur Ski Association Members, Affiliated Associations, Technical Ski Board, Officers
Pg 12 - By the Editor, by H.P. Douglas
Pg 14 - Minutes of the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Canadian Amateur Ski Association
Pg 18 - Financial Report at December 31, 1925, by G.B. Arnaud
Pg 19 - Sixth Annual Tournament, by H.P. Douglas
Pg 22 - J. Norman Berger, Montreal Ski Club, by H.P.D.
Pg 23 - A Glance at the Past and a Peep into the Future (Montreal Ski Club), by A.C. Harlow
Pg 24 - Montreal Ski Club Competitions 1925-26
Pg 26 - Club de Ski Mont Royal d'Amerique, by Laurence Sessenwein
Pg 27 - The Doings of the Ottawa Ski Club, Season 1925-26
Pg 29 - Cliffside Ski Club
Pg 31 - Toronto Ski Club
Pg 32 - The Loyola Ski Club, by J.-M. Le Bel
Pg 33 - Hawksbury Ski Club, by T.W. Toovey
Pg 34 - Three Rivers Ski Club
Pg 34 - The Quebec Ski Club
Pg 34 - Pronunciation of the Word "Ski"
Pg 35 - London Letter, by Arnold Lunn
Pg 37 - My Ski Trip to Norway, by Leonard Lehan
Pg 40 - Ski-ing in Switzerland, by H.T. Cliff
Pg 42 - How Fast do We Ski?
Pg 43 - The Canyon Trail, by C.E. Mortureux, President, Ottawa Ski Club
Pg 45 - Considerations About Downhill Ski-Running, by Walter Amstutz, introduction by H.T. Cliff
Pg 51 - Teaching the Rudiments - Colonel Bilgeri's Coaching Methods for Beginners, by G.C.L. Howell
Pg 58 - Gatineau Glories, by George Hambleton, Ottawa Ski Club
Pg 61 - The Blue Spruce, by Winnifred Sanford (With acknowledgements to The American Mercury Magazine)
Pg 65 - Slalom Racing, by Arnold Lunn
Pg 73 - The Book Review, by Charles E. Durand, Toronto Ski Club
Pg 75 - Advertising Section

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