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Canadian Ski Annual Season 1926 & 1927

Cover - Front Cover and Advertising Section
Pg 10 - Photo: "A Happy Hunting Ground of Skiers Near Andermatt, Central Switzerland
Pg 11 - Canadian Amateur Ski Association 1926-1927 Members and Officers
Pg 13 - By the Editor, by H.P. Douglas
Pg 14 - Minutes of the Canadian Amateur Ski Association (Seventh Annual Meeting, February 27, 1927)
Pg 17 - Canadian Amateur Ski Association Financial Report as at November 30, 1927, by G.B. Arnaud, Treasurer
Pg 18 - Seventh Annual Tournament, by H.P. Douglas
Pg 22 - C.A.S.A. Official Ski Tests Rules
Pg 24 - The Canadian Olympic Ski Team
Pg 25 - London Letter, by Arnold Lunn
Pg 26 - The Ski Club of Great Britain
Pg 27 - Montreal Ski Club Season 1926-1927, by A.C. Harlow
Pg 30 - Extracts from a Letter from Our Old Ski Friend, Howard Bird
Pg 30 - The Ski Girl, by The By Stander
Pg 31 - Mount Royal Ski Club of Montreal
Pg 32 - Spring Ski-ing, by H.P.D.
Pg 34 - Ottawa Ski Club Season 1926-1927
Pg 36 - The "Dome Hill Juniors" of the Ottawa Ski Club
Pg 38 - My First Visit to Lapland, by C.G.D. Hamilton
Pg 44 - Three Rivers Ski Club, by Alastair Grant
Pg 46 - Toronto Ski Club, by H.T. Cliff, President
Pg 46 - Report on Western Canada Ski-ing Conditions, by Rudolph J. Verne, Vice-President, C.A.S.A.
Pg 47 - The Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club of Vancouver, B.C., by Rudolph J. Verne
Pg 49 - Ski-ing Ranges of Tyrol, by W.L. Paul
Pg 59 - A Ski Jump, by George Marvin, in "The Outlook"
Pg 60 - The Romance of Ski-ing, by Augustus Blatherskite, Ottawa Ski Club
Pg 64 - The Ski-Runner, by Beryl M. Booker

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