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The Canadian Ski Annual, 1933

Cover - Front Cover and Advertising Section
Pg x - Photo: "Fred Taylor Takes It Straight"
Pg xi - Title Page and Table of Contents
Pg 1 - Thirteenth Annual Tournament, Canadian Amateur Ski Association, February 25-26, 1933, by H.P.D.
Pg 3 - A.B.C. of Skiing, from Toronto Ski Runner
Pg 4 - Winners of Canadian Amateur Ski Association Championships since founding of the Association in 1921
Pg 4 - Western Experiences, by Frederick D. Taylor
Pg 13 - 1932-33 - European Trip of McGill-Red Birds Ski Team, by Stirling Maxwell, Captain
Pg 18 - Combined Competitions, by Arthur L. Gravel
Pg 20 - The Quebec Kandahar 1933, by A.H. D'Egville
Pg 23 - London Letter, by Arnold Lunn
Pg 24 - The Intercollegiate Winter Sports Championship, by Brian Meredith
Pg 26 - "The Penguins Make Their Bow" by Betty Sherrard
Pg 27 - How to Obtain Speed on Ski: Some Words on Wax, by Thor Tangvald, from the 1933 British Ski Year Book
Pg 30 - The Columbia Ice Fields, by A.L. Weaver, Leica Photos by Clifford White
Pg 36 - Cross-Country Skiing in Canada Through the Eyes of a Finlander, by Erkki Penttila as told to T. Norell, Dominion Cross-Country Champion - 1930-1932-1933
Pg 37 - The Evolution of a Ski Jumper, by Norman Berger, Dominion Ski Jumping Champion - 1924-1925-1926
Pg 38 - The Flying Kilometer
Pg 39 - European Competitions, by George B. Jost
Pg 41 - The Skirunners Prayer, translation by Fred A. Hall, Toronto
Pg 42 - The Judging of Style in Ski Jumping, by Alexander Keiller, President British Ski Jumping Club
Pg 46 - First Downhill Championship Race, National Ski Association of America, Held by Dartmouth Outing Club, March 12, 1933
Pg 47 - Back in 1759, by Clifford Wilson
Pg 48 - Spring and Summer Skiing at Grouse Mountain, by Lindsay Loutet, President Grouse Mountain Ski Club
Pg 49 - Trail Blazing at Lake Wakwapatachokamekak, by Anton Desserud
Pg 50 - Our First Ski Funicular
Pg 51 - By the Editor, by H.P. Douglas
Pg 53 - Canadian Amateur Ski Association Officers and Member Clubs
Pg 54 - Photo: Gordon W. Dunn, President, Canadian Amateur Ski Association
Pg 55 - The President's Message to the Members of the Association, by Gordon W. Dunn, President
Pg 55 - Minutes of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Canadian Amateur Ski Association
Pg 58 - Financial Report as at October 31st, 1933, by G.B. Arnaud, Secretary-Treasurer
Pg 58 - Fixtures for 1934
Pg 59 - Official Ski Tests
Pg 60 - Test Badges Issued to Date
Pg 61 - Canadian Amateur Ski Association By-Laws (Revised to 1933), Rules and Regulations
Pg 65 - Rules of Federation International de Ski (F.I.S.) Governing Downhill and Slalom Races
Pg 69 - Club Report: Montreal Ski Club, by G.M. Barry Morton, President
Pg 70 - Club Report: Ottawa Ski Club
Pg 72 - Club Report: Quebec Ski Club
Pg 73 - Club Report: Toronto Ski Club, by H.T. Cliff, President
Pg 73 - Club Report: Three Rivers Ski Club, Inc., by H.P. Britten, President
Pg 74 - Club Report: Renfrew Ski Club
Pg 74 - Club Report: Red Birds Ski Club
Pg 76 - Club Report: Laurentian Cross-Country Ski Club
Pg 76 - Club Report: Seigniory Club
Pg 77 - Club Report: Viking Ski Club
Pg 77 - Club Report: Ste. Agathe Ski Club
Pg 78 - Club Report: St. Jovite Ski Club, by J.L. Bedard, Secretary-Treasurer
Pg 79 - Club Report: Tom's Ski Club, by Pierre Richard, Secretary
Pg 79 - Club Report: Camrose Ski Club
Pg 80 - Club Report: Grouse Mountain Ski Club, by R. Hodges
Pg 81 - Club Report: Vancouver Ski Club

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