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Artefact 2008.220.1:  back pack

Catalog Number 2008.220.1

An external frame backpack with three Canadian Marathon Ski Tour badges, used by the Weber boys.

~ Canadian Ski Museum

Artefact Record - Catalog Number 2008.220.1

back pack - one

Gift:  Acquired 02/14/2006

Description:  An external frame backpack with three Canadian Marathon Ski Tour (now the Canadian Ski Marathon) badges sewn on. The backpack consists of a metal frame (possibly aluminum) and a nylon bag with webbing loops to attach to the frame and canvas strips across the frame for comfort. The backpack has two main pockets, the lower one closes with a zipper, while the upper one is open and gets covered with the top flap. It is to this top flap that the badges are sewn, in a row, above a small exterior pocket that is closed by an overlapping flap. There are four exterior side pockets that all zip closed, two on each side, with the upper pockets being larger than the lower pockets.
The three Canadian Marathon Ski Tour badges are from 1968, 1969 and 1970 - the second, third and fourth Canadian Marathon Ski Tours respectively. The Canadian Marathon Ski Tour began in 1967 as a centennial event and has continued to run ever since.
The back pack was used by the Weber boys. Richard Weber began actively competing in nordic events at the age of 6 and was selected to join the Canadian National Cross-Country team at 18. During his seven years with the team, he won 20 national titles and competed at four World Championships. After retiring from the team in 1985, he joined the Steger International Polar Expedition in 1986. This was the first of many expeditions for Weber and he has been recognized with a number of international honours for his adventures. Weber runs Canadian Arctic Holidays with his family.

Colour:  khaki-brown bag; greyish lacing; red, yellow and blue badges; silver-ish metal

Measurements:  at longest point - 80 cm; at widest point - 47 cm

Material:  metal (aluminum?), nylon, zippers, canvas, lacing


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Back Pack (2008.220.1)

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