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Ernie McCulloch

1926 - 1987

Alpin :: Descente :: Moniteur :: Entraîneur

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Born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, McCulloch demonstrated, even in his early days, the aggressive spirit of a champion, not because of any need for applause but because of his boundless energy and physical ability.  Coming from a town in which ski jumping was the foremost skiing activity, McCulloch became a jumper first and alpine competitor second.  The conversion came in the winter of 1945 -1946 when, in Lac Beauport for a ski jumping event, he entered a Laurentian Zone slalom event and placed second to a top Canadian skier.

Two years later, in 1949, he entered the Quebec Kandahar at Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and defeated the entire French Alpine team which included the Olympic Winter Games Gold Medallist, Henri Oreiller, in the Open Class... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Carrière active:  1945 - 1976

Intronisation:  1984

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