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Gabrielle (Gaby) Pleau

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Born in 1920, Gaby Pleau's competitive career began at the age of ten when she entered her first cross-country ski race subsequently accumulating trophies in both nordi and alpine events throughout Quebec and the northern United States.  For her exploits she was named "Snow Queen of the 1940s".

As winner of the famous Great Divide Classic in 1946 she was appointed to the Canadian Olympic Ski team for the 1948 Winter Olympic Games, St Moritz, Switzerland.  All too soon after her selection, she had a spectacular fall at Soda Spring in the mountains of western Canada resulting in serious injuries and the end of her competitive career. ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Although her competitive career ended, her enthusiasm for the sport remained undiminished and...

Date de naissance:  1920

Carrière active:  1930 - 1965

Intronisation:  1984

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