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Patricia (Pat) Ramage C.M.

1920 - 2003

Bâtisseur :: Officiel :: Descente

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Awarded the nation's highest honour in 1989, the Companion of the Order of Canada, Pat Ramage dedicated her life selflessly to the support of amateur sport, Alpine and Nordic skiing in particular, and the revitalization of Biathlon as a discipline in Canada.  Her contributions as a volunteer "builder" allowed development of the strong base necessary to support and nurture both present and future athletes.

She gave unselfishly of her time and life in an extraordinary array of positions all dedicated to furthering the sport of skiing:  administrator, technical advisor, team manager, major events organizer... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Carrière active:  1948 - 1983

Intronisation:  1989

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