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Pepi Salvenmoser

Descente :: Entraîneur

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An Austrian by birth, Pepi Salvenmoser's contribution to the development of Canadian skiing is defined by his extraordinary success as a national coach between the years 1954 to 1964. Appointed as a temporary support coach for the Canadian Ladies Alpine team in 1954 for the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) World Championships held in Äre, Sweden, in 1954, he rapidly demonstrated his unique abilities as a first class coach which led, equally rapidly, to his appointment as Head Coach of the Ladies Alpine team. 

Two years after his first appointment Lucille Wheeler won a Bronze Medal for Canada at the Vll Olympic Winter Games held in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, the first skiing medal ever won by a Canadian.  It was an outstandingly successful Games for the Women's Alpine team which, for the first time ever, placed three skiers among the top 10 finishers in the downhill event.  Later that same year, Joanne Hewson won the Ladies' Arlberg-Kandahar race.

In 1957, when the National Team was officially formed, he prepared the Women's Alpine team for competition at the FIS World Championships held at Bad Gastein, Austria.  It was an event which saw the team achieve its best-ever results.  Lucille Wheeler won two Gold Medals, one in Downhill, the other in the Giant Slalom event.  It was an event that saw the young Anne Heggtveit, carefully and slowly being groomed for future success, reveal her potential with a 7th place in Downhill and 8th in Slalom... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Date de naissance:  

Carrière active:  1954 - 1964

Intronisation:  1990

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