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Franz Wilhelmsen

1918 - 1998


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Franz Wilhelmsen was born in Trondheim, Norway on 7 October 1918.  Decades later he would achieve his place in Canadian ski history as a founding father of Canada's largest and best known ski resort, Whistler Mountain in British Columbia.

In 1940, shortly after the outbreak of WWII, Franz Wilhelmsen, on a training mission with the Royal Norwegian Air Force, found himself stationed in Toronto.  There he met and married Annette Seagram.  After the war, the couple returned to Norway for a year before returning to Vancouver, British Columbia where he tried his hand at several pursuits, none of which challenged his talents or his energy and enthusiasm.

In 1960, the VIII Olympic Winter Games were held in California's Squaw Valley.  Canada's representative on the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) suggested... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

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