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Max Gartner

Entraîneur :: Alpin :: Descente :: Slalom :: Slalom géant

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As Director of "Own the Podium-projects", Alpine Canada chose Max Gartner to create a competitive edge to produce alpine skiing medals at the XXI Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver.  As Ken Read, President of Alpine Canada Alpin, commented "In a highly competitive sport where the blink of an eye is the difference between 4th place and mounting the podium, Max knows how to create winners."

Born in Linz, Austria on October 19, 1958, Max Gartner, spent 5-years at the Stams Academy in Austria, the premier academic school in the world for producing world-class skiers (At the XX Olympic Winter Games, Torino, Italy, many of Austria's... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Date de naissance:  1958

Intronisation:  2007

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