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John Johnston

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John Johnston was the Founder and first Chairman of the Canadian Freestyle Skiers Association in 1974.  As the driving force behind the establishment of the Canadian Freestyle movement, his appointment as Chairman of the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) Freestyle Committee might have been expected.  He also founded the Canadian National Freestyle Ski Team and, from 1976 until 1982 was the Executive-Director, Freestyle, of the Canadian Skiing Association and while in this position founded and developed the Canadian Coaches Certification Program.  For several years from 1989 onwards, he was President of the Organizing Committee for the World Cup Freestyle competitions. Without his vision and contribution, the freestyle movement in Canada might well have remained an idea with no substance. ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Date de naissance:  

Carrière active:  1969 -

Intronisation:  1995

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