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Sir Arnold Lunn

1888 - 1974


(Présentement, seule la version anglaise est offerte.)

Sir Arnold Lunn (1888-1974) wrote his own epitaph in the form of a prayer:

Let me give thanks, dear Lord, in the frailty of age,
for the beloved mountains of my youth, for the challenge of rock and for the joy of skiing, for the friends with whom I climbed and skied, and above all, dear Lord, for the moments of revelation when the moments of temporal beauty of the mountains reinforces my faith in the eternal beauty which is not subject to decay.

His eloquent words convey the profound influence the mountains of Switzerland had on this Englishman who may be rightly described as the founding father of modern alpine skiing.  It was his use of skis as an aid to allow access to mountain climbing in the winter months... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Carrière active:  1911 - 1958

Intronisation:  1990

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