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Emile Cochand

1890 - 1987

Bâtisseur :: Alpin

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Swiss ski champion, Emile Cochand, emigrated to Quebec's Laurentian Mountains in 1911, bringing with him 100 pairs of skis and poles with which to establish the first ski school at Ste-Agathe's Laurentide Inn.

In 1914, he operated his own resort hotel at Ste-Marguerite "It was just a little more luxurious then than camping but it was on the rough side, to be quite frank" was his comment about conditions at the resort.  The original lodge burned down shortly after its completion and in 1917, he rebuilt the lodge, Chalet Cochand, which still exists today and was the first ski resort established in the Laurentians... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Carrière active:  1911 - 1950

Intronisation:  1983

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