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Louis Emile Cochand

Alpin :: Descente :: Slalom
Entraîneur :: Bâtisseur :: Moniteur

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Born and raised in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains, Louis Cochand came by his enthusiasm for skiing naturally as his father, Emile, one of the best all-round skiers in Canada, introduced him to barrel staves in 1920 at the age of three.  Like his father, Louis Cochand has made an outstanding contribution to Canadian and international skiing.

For 10-years he was President of the Laurentian Resorts Association, President and Founder of the Area Lift Association, and, for 20-years owner/manager of the Chalet Cochand in Ste Marguerite, Quebec.  This resort was the first in Canada to install an overhead cable ski lift (a J-bar) in 1936 and the first to install a two-seat chairlift in 1958... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Date de naissance:  1917

Carrière active:  1936 - 1948

Intronisation:  1986

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