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Gault Kerr Gillespie

Alpin :: Ski de fond :: Descente
Slalom :: Officiel :: Entraîneur

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After the family moved to the Laurentians in the early 1920s, Gault and his sisters and brothers would ski to school in order to shorten the trip.  Today, this two-mile short cut is the beginning of the well known Gillespie Trail.

His competitive career began in 1931 when he took part in a few local cross-country races.  In 1932, he won the Ste Agathe ski trophy.  His entry into racing at the provincial level came in January 1934 when he entered his first Laurentian Zone 18-kilometre race.  To get to the race and return home, Gillespie skied almost 40 kilometres.  Only on the following day did he learn that he had beaten four former Olympic competitors to win the race.  It was Canada's most famous skier, Herman Smith Johannsen who brought the trophy to Gillespie... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Date de naissance:  1915

Carrière active:  1931 - 1948

Intronisation:  1987

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