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David L. Jacobs

Alpin :: Descente :: Moniteur :: Entraîneur :: Bâtisseur

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There are few people in the world who can claim the knowledge and experience of Dave Jacobs in so many facets of the sport of skiing.  He is a man of many talents.  From the time he received his first pair of skis at the age of 13, skiing has remained an integral part of his life, first as a competitor, a member of the Canadian National Alpine Ski Team from 1957-1961, he won the a Canadian Downhill Championships in1957, was a recipient of the Senior Canadian Ski Instructor's Medal -1961, Head Coach of the Canadian National Alpine team from 1964 until 1967, Ski School Director at Val, David, Quebec, 1962/1963, Designer and Manager of the Talisman Ski Area, Ontario, and successful businessman in the ski industry... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Date de naissance:  1933

Carrière active:  1957 - 1988

Intronisation:  1988

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