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Founded in 1967 as the Centennial Marathon Ski Tour by former Canadian National Ski Team member Don MacLeod, the Canadian Ski Marathon is "a historic cross-country ski tour for people of all ages in celebration of Canadian winter." A three day event designed as the longest in the world, the marathon course wound through the Quebec countryside from Montreal to Ottawa.

The Canadian Ski Marathon today is a two day event, held annually in February, spanning 160 km in 10 sections starting in Lachute and ending in Gatineau, with an overnight stop in Montebello. The event welcomes participants of all ages and abilities. Everyone is able to set his or her own pace, completing just one section or the whole marathon, camping outside or sleeping indoors. With people coming from around the globe to take part, the Canadian Ski Marathon promotes a sense of camaraderie that brings participants back year after year.

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