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The Canadian Ski Patrol System (CSPS) was established in 1940 after Dr. Douglas Firth received a request from the Canadian Amateur Ski Association (CASA) to arrange and train a first aid rescue group that would patrol Canada's ski hills and assist injured skiers. The Second World War restricted expansion of the CSPS but by 1948 it had expanded into Ontario, Quebec and the Vancouver area. The registration of patrollers continued to increase to keep up with the growing popularity of skiing in Canada.

As of 2004 the CSPS had over 5,000 members throughout nine geographic regions across Canada. All patrollers must meet a minimum national standard by undergoing regular training and examinations to maintain and test their first aid skills and knowledge of on-snow procedure. CSPS patrollers can be recognized by their yellow and blue jackets that feature a blue maple leaf overlaid with a yellow cross.

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