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Exhibit of Freestyle Skiing items (Aerials/Ballet/Moguls)



During the 1960s and 70s, the origin of a new discipline, “freestyle” emerged from a few skiers practicing “hot dogging”, the exploration of a different approach to skiing that included acrobatic flips, jumps, and rapid turns. In 1974, John Johnston founded the Canadian Freestyle Skiers Association (CFSA) which, a short time later, was recognized by the Canadian Ski Association as a separate member discipline.

It would come to be accepted by the Federation International de Ski (FIS) in 1979 and debut as an Olympic sport in 1988. Moguls (skiing over mounds while launching off jumps down the course) and Aerials (launching up to 70 feet in the air and performing somersaults and twists) emerged as separate disciplines, to be followed by Half-Pipe (flying off the side of a Half-pipe and performing a multitude of flips, spins and grabs) and Ski Cross (skiing down a mini downhill course with a variety of jumps, turns, hits and rollers in groups of four).

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