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Temporary Notice

February 2017

The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum (CSHFM) is rebuilding. During this period of transition it continues to pursue its mission and mandate. However it isn't able to access the stored memorabilia and artifacts in response to requests for loans or for examination. It is “open virtually” via the website. Documentation sourced via the site may be reprinted with the expressed consent of the CSHFM and reproduced with a source reference. Furthermore the CSHFM retains copyright over the content. Voluntary donations of material for the use of  CSHFM will be gratefully accepted. Currently the Board of Directors continues to work with many partners to pursue the  CSHFM mandate to renew, preserve and promote Canada's fantastic skiing and sliding history. Please address your request by email to:

January 16th 2017 TVCL  VIDEO interview with Jane Chisholm.

For the latest update on the relocation of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame & Museum in Mont Tremblant, watch the video of Jane Chisholm’s interview aired on TVCL on January 16, 2017. Click on the link.

--  Start of interview at 5 min 15 seconds for Canadian Ski Hall of Fame from its beginnings in Ottawa to the present day status in Mont Tremblant.

--  Start of interview at 13 min 37 seconds for the 2017 Legends Classic.